week 7 — art activity — collabor8

I usually stay up late and finish my homework, making coffee to stay up, eating a snack, and playing my favorite album while I study, but tonight is different. It’s the anniversary of my mother’s death, and I can’t focus on my work. I decide to take a stroll down my street, a few blocks from where my childhood home is. I pass the blue bins that are lined up on the street for tomorrow’s recycle pickup.

I remember the little about her, the fabric of her favorite dress, the way she loved to decorate the house, her immortal beta, and the flowers outside her house…

As I got to the house, I was surprised to see that the new owners had changed the color of the building. I almost didn’t recognize the house where so many memories I had lived in the back of my mind. But I caught a glimpse of my memory in the streetlight, a little cheery plant still growing in the front. It was the flowers that greeted us every time we went to granny’s house.

As I walked back home, a small smile on my face, I remembered my grandma opening her arms to us at the door, squeezing the life out of us with love, and the smell of homecooked dinner wafting from the kitchen. The woman who represented consistency in my life, showering me and my sibling with praise and encouragement, making each of us feel individually special. I make it back to my apartment and kick off my shoes. I feel safer and more relaxed than I did earlier in the evening. I’m glad I got to pay my respects to my grandmother, and I’ll never forget the love she showed for me.

As I



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